Aimee Berger-Girvalo’s Statement on Governor Lamont’s Emergency Extension

Aimee Berger-Girvalo issued the following statement in response to a question posed by the The Ridgefield Community Gazette to 2020 candidates for the Connecticut state legislative.

Our state, like the country at large, is facing several ongoing crises, including the continuing public health threat of COVID-19 and the related economic downturn that has devastated so many families. And unfortunately, all signs point to us grappling with these issues for months to come. It’s time for the state legislature to step up and play a bigger role in our recovery.

The protections and emergency measures we have put in place in Connecticut were a direct result of Gov. Lamont’s need to act quickly on this crisis with respect for data and scientific expertise — something we’re sorely lacking at the national level. These emergency measures are exactly why our state was able to change course and get to the lowest transmission rates in the country. If the emergency measures were allowed to expire on September 9th, it would immediately end statewide rules on wearing masks, closing bars, and limiting large public gatherings.

This is a hard time for everyone, but it is clear we still need these protections in place for the time being — for the safety of our families and our neighbors. In fact, one need only look to our neighbors in Danbury, where the positive test rate spiked to above 7% recently to know that the crisis hasn’t passed.

But now, as we enter the sixth month of this graduated shutdown, it’s clear that the COVID pandemic was never going to “simply disappear” as the President famously and falsely claimed.

So why hasn’t the legislature reconvened and used its power to codify these policies into law?

Emergency powers should be utilized for imminent threats, but this is our new normal. It’s unacceptable for the legislature to not have a role in crafting laws for long-term policy needs.

Hartford needs to step up and do its job.