Aimee is the Best Choice for Ridgefield Families

Aimee is the Best Choice for Ridgefield Families

State Representative Aimee Berger – Girvalo has been a champion for Ridgefield families. First, Aimee has put more money in our pockets and made it easier to raise a family– she secured a larger child tax credit, new childcare rebate, and free access to state museums

and aquariums. Second, she has made Ridgefield safer by passing laws around public safety, including one that toughens penalties on vehicle theft. Third, she has strengthened our public schools by garnering funds so RPS can hire more social workers, counselors, and mental health specialists.

Aimee actively listens to Ridgefield parents. She gets us. She has two kids of her own and understands what is at stake.

As a Ridgefield native, father of two young children, and Ridgefield volunteer firefighter, I am proud that Aimee represents us in Hartford. Vote to re-elect Aimee on November 8th.

Indra Sen (RHS’04), High Ridge Avenue