Aimee is a Champion for Local Business

Aimee is a Champion for Local Business

I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend a vote for incumbent Aimee Berger-Girvalo for State Representative on November 8 th . As a longtime Ridgefield resident and a member of the Board of Finance, I have been impressed by the proactive approach to the role of State Representative that Aimee has shown.

Aimee is a champion for businesses. We are all aware of the talent and creativity that underlies so much of this town’s economy; small businesses are critical to the vibrancy of this community. Preserving and supporting that (especially during something as unforeseen as Covid) is critical to maintaining everything that we all love about Ridgefield.

Specifically, Aimee helped to create the “Jobs CT” Act in her first legislative session, providing tax breaks to businesses that create jobs. Her support helped to lower the business tax rate for Unemployment Insurance, by effectively making the federal loan repayment for the coming year on behalf of businesses. She also worked to require the Department of Economic and Community Development to include Ridgefield’s vibrant arts and culture industry in their tourism plans.

We have all benefited from Aimee’s active and passionate advocacy for Ridgefield. Vote November 8 th to keep her in the seat.

Karen Ogden