Aimee Berger-Girvalo for Ridgefield

About Aimee

The daughter of a Vietnam-era US Army nurse and an advertising executive, Aimee is a 15-year Ridgefield resident, proudly raising her family here. With a background in business management, education, and youth sports, Aimee has the values and skills we need to get Hartford working for us, and help our community recover from COVID-19. 

Aimee’s career began when she served as an Operations Manager for Hard Rock Café International before she went into retail management for Gap Inc. She temporarily left the workplace to raise her children, spending seven years as an at-home Mom before returning to school and earning a BA in Developmental Disability Advocacy from UMASS Amherst. Most recently, she has worked as an instructional para-educator in Ridgefield Public Schools, and as an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapist, providing in-home and in-school behavioral and educational services to children on the Autism Spectrum.

In our community, she’s volunteered for over a decade as the director and coach of the Holland League of the Soccer Club of Ridgefield, giving kids with learning and developmental differences the opportunity to play a team sport. As an activist called to action after shootings at Sandy Hook, Aimee helped plan the March for Change, has volunteered with Moms Demand Action and is a co-founder of the Ridgefield chapter of a Women’s March group.

Aimee’s background in corporation management, education and public service means that she can hit the ground running in Hartford. She knows our schools and will fight to make sure we get our fair share of funding. She’ll protect our seniors and stop unfair tax hikes. And as someone who knows the challenges of running a retail store, Aimee will bring her unique perspective to making sure Ridgefield’s local businesses recover and thrive.

Like every mom, Aimee is inspired by her children and credits them as the driving forces behind her career change. As Aimee often states, “I taught them to never quit, and they turned around and forced me to banish the phrase ‘I can’t’ from my vocabulary.”

Aimee and her children, Gracie and Austin, along with their rescue dogs, Potter and Jarvis, are active hikers and paddleboarders of Ridgefield’s local trails and ponds. Gracie is a sophomore in college and Austin will begin his freshman year at Ridgefield High School in the Fall.