#AimeeOnTheBlock Making Small Shops & Restaurants a Top Priority

#AimeeOnTheBlock promoting and ready to fight for small business recovery in Hartford.

Aimee is taking to the streets in Ridgefield speaking to small business owners about their needs and how she can help them in Hartford with economic recovery.  She’s there to listen and learn.  And of course, to patronize the business.  Out on the street, with shop keepers, patrons and passersby, she is gathering the input needed to make a strong case for small businesses in Hartford. Small business supports jobs, economic health and quality of life. We must act to protect them. 

According to Aimee, many businesses cannot afford to advertise or promote due to COVID. They are struggling with rent. They often cannot afford to pay staff. Sales are down and the recent power outages added a vicious blow, particularly to food businesses which had to dispose of meals and supplies due to loss of refrigeration. The crisis is real, the impact significant.  

She is raising visibility of local businesses with #aimeeontheblock in social media as a way to get the word out and help.

But that’s just a beginning. 

Aimee is committed to sponsoring rent aid and financial support for local businesses as a legislative priority.  She will fight for this in Hartford. 

Aimee is on the block and in the corner of small business. 

It’s neighborly.  It’s important.  It’s a commitment she’ll fulfill if elected as Ridgefield’s next State Representative.